Tulane University Translational Science Institute (TUTSI)

Implementation of Multifaceted Patient-Centered Treatment Strategies for Intensive Blood Pressure Control


Disparities in blood pressure control remain a major clinical and public health problem, especially in the South, where death from heart disease is high and the proportion of adults with controlled blood pressure is low.

Results from the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) showed that managing systolic blood pressure to a target of less than 120 mm Hg reduced the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure or death from cardiovascular causes by 25% and death from any cause by 27% compared to standard blood pressure management.

To reduce disparities in blood pressure control and risk of cardiovascular disease, strategies are needed to help patients of federally-qualified health centers in the Gulf South reach a lower systolic blood pressure target.


The goals of the IMPACTS study are:

  1. To test the effectiveness of a multifaceted strategy to help patients reach a lower systolic blood pressure target, and
  2. To collect information about how the program is perceived, adopted and sustained by patients, providers, and health systems.


The IMPACTS study is very timely and has important public health and clinical implications:

  • It is patient-centered, and patients, provider-teams, and other stakeholders will be engaged at every step of the IMPACTS study.
  • It is designed to address barriers to blood pressure control at the healthcare system, provider-team, and patient levels.
  • It will provide important information on effective, adoptable, and sustainable strategies aimed at eliminating health disparities and reducing cardiovascular disease risk among patients of federally-qualified health care centers in the Gulf South.
Interested in Participating?

IMPACTS Study Partners

Tulane University

  • Jiang He, MD PhD, Multi-PI
  • Tonette Krousel-Wood, MD MSPH, Multi-PI
  • Jing Chen, MD MMSc MSc, Co-Investigator
  • Hua He, PhD, Co-Investigator
  • Katherine Mills, PhD MSPH, Co-Investigator
  • Paul Whelton, MD MSc, Co-Investigator
  • Kenya Brooks, MPH, Senior Research Coordinator
  • Erin Peacock, PhD MPH, Study Manager
  • Amanda Zimmerman, MPH, Senior Research Coordinator

FQHC, LPCA, and MPHCA Partners

  • Alecia Cyprian, PhD, Southeast Community Health Systems
  • Gerrelda Davis, MBA, Louisiana Primary Care Association
  • Suzanne Foster, MD, SWLA Center for Health Services
  • Sonja Fuqua, PhD RN, Mississippi Primary Health Care Association
  • Darie Gilliam, DNP APRN, Primary Care Providers for a Healthy Feliciana
  • Wylea Gray-Winfrey, DNP APRN, EXCELth Primary HC
  • Angel Greer, MPH, Coastal Family Health Center
  • Shondra Williams, PhD MSN, InclusivCare
  • Gary Wiltz, MD, Teche Action Clinic
  • Keith Winfrey, MD MPH, NOELA Community Health Center